Monkeys Tail - Ceramic pot and plant stand not included

Monkeys Tail - Ceramic pot and plant stand not included

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Size & Growth

The Monkey Tail cactus is an enthusiastic cactus grows easily in rocky soil. 

In nature, its tail-like stems ramble over rocky slopes to a length of up to 3′ or 4′ feet. 

They start upright, but once they attain a length of about 2′ feet, they fall over and dangle.

Flowering & Fragrance

Bright red flowers may be as long as 3″ inches. 

The flowers of the Monkey Tail cactus transition into reddish, spherical seeds that germinate easily. 

Blooms appear mostly in spring and summer, but the plant may bloom in autumn or even winter depending upon the climate.

Light & Temperature

Indoors, Rat’s Tail cactus likes very bright, indirect sunlight. 

Watering & Feeding

During spring and summer, water deeply when the top couple of inches of soil dry out. 

In wintertime, keep the cactus dry because cool temperatures and moisture will promote root rot. 

Early in the springtime, apply a slow-release, low nitrogen, high potassium fertilizer