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Devil's ivy in 20cm hanging basket

Devil's ivy in 20cm hanging basket

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Introducing Devil's Ivy, a stunning and easy-to-care-for plant that is perfect for adding a touch of greenery and natural beauty to any space. This plant, also known as Pothos, is a popular choice for both experienced and novice plant enthusiasts, thanks to its low-maintenance requirements and versatile nature.

The Devil's Ivy in a 20cm hanging basket is the perfect way to showcase this plant's trailing vines and lush foliage. The plant features heart-shaped leaves in green and gold.

This plant thrives in a range of lighting conditions, from low to bright indirect light. It prefers well-draining soil and regular watering, but can tolerate periods of drought. The Devil's Ivy is also an air-purifying plant, making it a great choice for improving the air quality in your home or office.

The 20cm hanging basket allows the Devil's Ivy to trail and cascade down, creating a stunning display that adds visual interest and texture to any space. The basket comes with a sturdy hanger, making it easy to display in a variety of locations, from windows to ceilings.

Order your Devil's Ivy in a 20cm hanging basket today and experience the beauty and benefits of this stunning and easy-to-care-for plant in your own space.

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